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Who We Are

Our Mission

To passionately teach effective skills that change children’s lives and ultimately changes our future.

Our Vision

Working together with families and community to give children a chance; a chance at success, a chance for the future.

When to Seek Help

Perhaps the biggest determinant of whether your child needs help is whether his/her symptoms and behaviors are getting in the way of everyday routine. Is it disrupting the family and causing conflict at home? Is it causing him difficulty at school, or difficulty getting along with friends? If a child is unable to do things they want to do, or take pleasure in many things their peers enjoy, or get along with teachers, family members and friends, they may need help.

Back talk, inattentiveness, sibling and peer rivalries, impulsive behavior, defiance, failure to follow directions, screaming, whining, bickering, rude language, cursing, tantrums, yelling, disrespect, complaining, anger, rage, biting, bully behavior, pushing, lying, hitting, kicking, fighting, arguing  

Lots of parents worry about their child’s behavior and it can be hard to determine whether a child’s behavior is normal or the sign of a more serious problem.  If you are concerned about your child’s behavior, seek answers from a reputable source. Behaven Kids can not only provide a professional assessment of behavior and provide answers to your questions, but can also offer solutions through a variety of programs and services. Do not wait until you have been asked to leave a childcare facility or until you get called by the school’s principal – arm yourself with strategies that will make your child successful in childcare, in school, and with friends. The skills we can teach you as a parent and your child will stop the cycle of nag, disobey, punish, repeat…. And instead, lead to a strong relationship between parent and child.