Building Hope Through Mental Wellness

Behaven Kids delivers the highest quality behavioral and mental health services to children and adolescents.

Building Hope Through Mental Wellness

Behaven Kids delivers the highest quality behavioral and mental health services to children and adolescents.

Our Mission

To transform young lives through life-enhancing skills that unlock their potential.

- Behaven Kids
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Our programs are solely focused on maximum development and the absolute best outcome for each individual child.

ABA therapy focuses on improving social, learning and communication skills through reinforcement techniques.

Through the Specialized Day Program, we can help build positive behaviors by working with your child’s individual needs.

Therapy can help children become more aware of challenging emotions, work through them and better cope with life’s difficulties.

Telehealth Sessions Available

Our telehealth therapy platform allows you to conveniently schedule face-to-face sessions with our therapists from the comfort of your home, office or any other location.

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How to Get Started

At Behaven Kids, we provide an array of life-changing services that meet each child and family exactly where they are, so they get the right kind of care at the right time and in the right way. We use a scientific-based teaching approach catered toward children in crisis, behavior struggles, developmental disabilities and delay and autism.

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Step 1

Schedule a phone call consultation at (402) 926-4373. During this call we will identify high-level concerns regarding your child’s behavior and will send you an intake packet with more information.

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Step 2

The intake packet is signed and returned. We will then schedule a time for your child to have their assessment.

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Step 3

Before engaging in any treatment, children must first partake in a thorough psychosocial assessment. During these assessments, the child’s history is reviewed, including presenting symptoms and the way in which those symptoms have impacted his or her ability to function on a daily basis.

Why Choose Behaven Kids?

Experienced Team

With over 20 years of experience, we offer quality behavioral and mental health services to young children, adolescents and teens.

Personalized Programs

Our programs are built around your child's needs. We’re dedicated to providing care quickly and effectively.

Goal Oriented Results

We stay focused on each client’s abilities and goals to reach milestones that matter in order to achieve positive and long-term outcomes.

Parents Love Behaven Kids

"If I can give advice, it is “Go Now!” I am so happy I got a handle on my daughter’s behavior while she was young."

- Parent
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Flexible Payment Options
To Ease Your Worries

Knowing your child has the healthcare protection they need can be a great relief. When making decisions regarding your child’s healthcare, it can also cause worry when you’re uncertain of your coverage. We know that insurance can be challenging to understand and we are here to help you navigate its waters. If you’re uncertain if our services are covered, you can meet with one of our staff members for assistance.

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