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For Parents

Success Stories and Testimonials

What we say about ourselves here on our website, in our brochures and elsewhere is informative. But what others say about us is truly an affirmation for us that our programs and services work.

Let other parents and caregivers tell you their success stories and how our Behaven Kids programs have helped their families. For these words of praise, we are truly grateful.

"I am a CASA for a child who has attended this school, actually twice, and honestly this place can and will work miracles. They truly believe in every child and I honestly think that every state should have multiple locations. There are just not enough of these amazing institutions, or the amazing people that work in them and work with these kids to have such a positive effect on their lives."

“ My biggest fear was that there was something wrong with my child mentally and coming to Behaven Kids was not going to help. I see now nothing is wrong with my child and my child just needed to be taught a different way”

“I love the individual and family therapy. If my daughter is getting off track, all she needs is a good talk with mom and her therapist and she regains focus”

“If I can give advice, it is “Go Now!” I am so happy I got a handle on my daughter’s behavior while she was young.”

“It takes a village to raise a child, and Behaven is the village I want to be in!”

“My Biggest fear was that Behaven Kids would not help and/or would make things worse. It was hard at first, but with weeks of consistency from everyone, my son, is doing better than I could have ever hoped.”

“My daughter had a rough start at Behaven and I questioned if this was the right choice. I now see that I didn’t need to be worried at all. She has graduated the program and is back at her regular daycare. The staff at her other daycare is so impressed with the changes she made to her behavior. She even tells her teachers there are other kids at the daycare that need to go to Behaven and learn to be good. She has gained so much respect for others and is so much more aware of how her behavior affects other people. I am so thankful for Behaven Kids and would recommend anyone having trouble with their kids’ behavior to call Behaven Kids!”

“The ABA Program for kids with Autism at Behaven Kids has completely changed our lives! My son was unable to talk and unable to follow directions and was out of control. Since starting the program, my son is now talking, making choices, answering questions, knows basic emotions, can actually sit in class at school for a minimum of 30 minutes. He is even part of a reading group where he can follow along as others read. My son still has a long way to go, but to get this far in six short months, I have faith he will continue to grow and grow. This is not a quick fix… it is a complete turn-around!”

"Behaven Kids has been a "haven" of help for our family since 2002! Amazing staff! Amazing program that really helps kids and families! I recommend Behaven Kids all of the time!"

“When our son started at Behaven he was nonverbal, aggressive, and out of control. In three short years, his/our entire world has changed. There aren’t enough words to explain how thankful our family is for what you all of done for our son. Not only can he talk, but he can express his feelings and do it safely. You have all helped him grow and beat the odds that were against him. There is still work to be done, but we have gotten further than anyone could have imagined because of all of you.”