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Who We Are

When children and adolescents are suffering from behavioral health and mental illness, the treatment they receive to overcome these struggles must be tailored specifically to their age, environmental situation, and developmental ability. Therapeutic interventions that are used when treating children and adolescents must meet them where they are to address any psychological, emotional, and behavioral concerns.

Keeping these things in mind, Behaven Kids provides services that are centered on building hope through the mental wellness of children. We offer specialized programming options for young children and adolescents who are in need of all-encompassing care that is tailored to address the hurdles that a child may face.  From outpatient therapy services to specialized day programs to medication management, Behaven Kids strives to provide the services a family needs to maximize each child and adolescent’s potential for individual success.

At Behaven Kids, you will see first-hand our passion for helping children and families. Our programs and services have been developed and researched by recognized specialists in building positive child behaviors.