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About GeneSight®

GeneSight is a laboratory developed genetic test that looks at many of the genes involved when your body processes certain types of medicines. It is the only genetic test that provides this combined view to help your healthcare provider know which medicines may be a match for your genes. GeneSight gives your healthcare provider important information to help you get on the right medicine.

Multiple clinical studies have shown that when healthcare providers used GeneSight to help guide treatment decisions, patients were twice as likely to respond to the selected medication. Plus, with treatment guided by GeneSight, patients saw a 70% greater improvement in their symptoms versus usual treatment.

The GeneSight test is precision medicine for mental health. It is a genetic test that helps eliminate the trial and error associated with choosing the right medication. It is the leading and most sophisticated mental health genetic test on the market.

The GeneSight precision medicine test collects patient DNA through a simple cheek swab. The sample is then analyzed using the GeneSight CPGx® proprietary algorithm, which weights the importance of multiple genes to produce more accurate results than single-gene testing.

Results are available to healthcare providers within 36 hours in an actionable, easy to interpret report that helps healthcare providers understand how a patient’s unique genomic makeup may affect his or her response to each medication.

Genesight Testing is available by scheduling an appointment with Macy Kasperbauer, PMHNP-BC at 402-933-5700.