Our Services

School Based Classroom Management

Behaven Kids offers School Based Classroom Management Training to local schools to increase overall classroom productivity and to support a school’s behavioral plan. This service occurs in the classroom to identify and enhance each teacher’s strengths while providing effective, maintainable strategies for classroom behavior management. The techniques taught by Behaven Kids are all research based, support PBiS/BIST models, and incorporate each teacher’s classroom style. Well managed classrooms will increase effective academic teaching, resulting in increased student satisfaction and improved educational outcomes.


  • Increased academic time
  • Improved student social skills - Following directions, staying at desk, raising hand, manners, etc.
  • Increased student’s social acceptance with peers
  • Pro-social skills carried to home environment
  • Increased confidence in teachers and paraprofessionals
  • Promotes mainstreaming children into typical classroom activities

Potential Demographic of Students Served

  • Students struggling at home and behaviors carry over to school
  • Students with a mental health diagnosis
  • Students on the Spectrum
  • Students with Developmental Disabilities

Best of all, the program is cost effective! In a time when school budgets are stretched, every educational dollar counts.  Bringing a Behaven Kids Behavioral Specialist onsite to a school allows for each teacher to receive targeted advice that makes a huge and immediate difference in the classroom. Call today to schedule a discovery meeting!