Our Services

Autism Services

Finding out that your child has autism can be overwhelming, and figuring out next steps to take can be a struggle. Behaven Kids offers Autism Services that will work with you to create a therapy program, as individual as your child.

Functional Assessment

Our board certified behavioral analyst (BCBA), Lindsay Stanley will meet with and assess your child in different developmental areas. By applying various techniques and strategies, we can identify important behavioral and social areas to focus on in therapy. We can then design an individualized treatment plan based on our specific findings.

ABA Therapy

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidence-based approach that has proven successful in helping children who are on the autism spectrum. Our BCBA will implement individualized behavioral plans to reduce problem behavior and improve functional communication and adaptive learning skills.

Social Skills Training

To improve responses to social situations, we show children how social minds work and how their behavior affects those around them. We work with children on perspective taking, enhancing conversation and play skills, and how to interact appropriately.

Our Goals will emphasize skills that will enable your child to become independent and successful in the community. We also offer training for parents/caregivers in order to help support learning and skill practice throughout the day. 

Lindsay Stanley, BCBA, LMHP

Lindsay is a Nebraska Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and a Nebraska Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She graduated with a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis from St. Cloud State University. Over the past 15 years she has facilitated support for families and children with autism and behavioral challenges. Lindsay is the lead BCBA supervising all Behaven Kids’ Autism Services.